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- Dear Mappers.
As for today, purchase of cGPSmapper program is no longer possible. If you wish, still you can download the free version of the program. I can sell you program only at individual requests.
After years of playing with GPS maps, and then after period of 5 years slowdown, it's time to say stop...
I can imagine, that cGPSmapper is no longer top for the format it can handle, there are many other choices - even ones intruduced directly by Garmin..
World is changing, our diuties as well..
Time for the last step - whoever is interested - can buy all the source code, with no limit for use.
Before you decide - think twice - code was written over several years with no intention to make it public, is definitely not easy to understand - as nearly 70% of code was written for analysis purpose of the Garmin format. Only remining 30% is for map creation purpose..
No refund possible for such purchase..
Code is prepared for MS Visual C++ and well adjusted for Intel Compiler, separate make file for gcc under linux is prepared as well.
Along with this purchase I am also delivering registration for the cGPSmapper routable version - just to make easier start, or if for the business safety you do not want to use sources immediately, but rather protect your future.

Thank you,

Download Free cGPSmapper version 0100d for Windows |
Download exe only (version 0100d)

This is the basic version of the program which allows to create maps which are compatible with Garmin GPS receivers - no needs to pay for other versions if you want just to create a basic map! Now the Free version supports creation of basic marine maps and/or use of extended types
This version is solely for non commercial use only! Be sure to read the terms of use before downloading this software. By downloading you agree with the terms of use.

Free cGPSmapper version 0093c for Linux

For non commercial use only! Be sure to read the terms of use before downloading this software. By downloading you agree with the terms of use.


Free - Pro SendMap20 rev 6.7 for Windows

Software for uploading maps to your GPS. It now uses the official Garmin USB driver. Before using, you should install the USB driver for your GPS. If your GPS is RS based only OR your GPS is visible as USB-storage drive, you don't have to install this USB driver. The RS interface will work fine as well as USB-storage drives does not require any additional driver. You can download the USB driver from Garmin's site.

To see how to use it - start it without '-h'

  • Handling new devices - with new directory structure
  • Automatic recognition of devices which are visible as USB-storage drives
  • Store a file list on disk (TXT file) that can be used later with '-f' option
  • Read file list (just drag and drop TXT file)
  • Support up to 2GB
  • Check for available memory in GPS - now sendmap will not start the upload process if there is not enough memory
  • Ability to change the 'region name' for every file
  • Support for uploading several TYP files (customization of built in types) - TYP files are used on maps with the same region name
  • Uploading of several unlock keys
  • Fixed saving to text file TYP and MDR files (filelist)
  • Free licence for distributing the program together with maps
  • Creation of EXE files merged together with maps, with user defined EULA
  • Creation of EXE files with predefined expiration data
  • Does NOT work with iQue and cfQue!
  • Create an EXE with TYP files included
  • Fixes issues with mapset names
Free sendMap20 rev 4.2 BETA for Linux with experimental USB support

Latest Linux sendmap20 version with USB and RS support

Free sendMap for Linux

Stable version of sendmap with RS support only

cGPSmapper Pro Setup

Installation of cGPSmapper Pro - for purpose of update if required.

cGPSmapper Routable Setup

Installation of cGPSmapper Routable - for purpose of update if required.

MapRoute GUI

MapRoute GUI - setup does NOT include MapRoute.exe - as it is included in the full installation of cGPSmapper. Note - this GUI is a NET 2.0 application. In future hope to change it to a normal standalone executable.

What should I do before buying?

Note - if you are using RegNow service for buying cGPSmapper - there is no need for manual registration - as RegNow is offering automatic registration of the program - therefore you can ignore instruction below.
Note - internet connection is required during first run of the program when using RegNow link. That does not apply to ShareIt link!

You don't need to buy anything if you want to use the free version or if you want to use the Mapcenter service - however - if you want to buy the program (like shareware) - then you should do following things :

  • Download the version you want to purchase and install it - if this is not a professional Routable version - it will work on your PC for 30 days without registration
  • When you decide to buy it, start the program and select 'Enter registration' key

  • You will see a dialog where you will enter your registration after purchase - now you need to write down 'hardware fingerprint' value from the dialog - you will need it later

  • Now you are prepared for purchase - you can use link to *shareIt* - in one of the window during purchase process you will see:

  • There you need to enter the hardware fingerprint value.

If by mistake you did enter a wrong value - don't worry - just contact with me.
You can also request one additional registration key for the shareware version or up to 10 (or network license) for the commercial versions of the program.

Developer Section

It is possible to use cGPSmapper as DLL library - on request available with the features similar to the Shareware Standard or even Pro version.
If you want to add to your program direct support for creating maps compatible with Garmin receivers together with ability of uploading them - contact with me

sendmap DLL library
cgpsmapper DLL library

Reference list (who is using cGPSmapper):