Are you owner of Garmin GPS device?

Did you ever dream on making own maps for GPS?

This is exactly the place you were looking for. This is the homepage for cGpsMapper software - the only official place to get the cgpsmapper program, solution to make own maps - just for you and your collegues or professional solutions rich in features, best for your customers.


Limited time offer - commercial versions with lock available for a limited price - see download page

The only expected updates till end of 2012 will include bug fixes.

For more explanation please refer to : this post at map_author group

Main changes in available versions of the program
  • Commercial routable version is no longer available.
  • Pro version is no longer available.
  • Personal version has new, much lower price.
  • There is no longer support provided for map creation for any new purchase. All purchases done before 1 July 2010 will have support according to previous agreement.
  • GlobalMapper program is no longer in the offer.
  • Update to the latest version of the program is no longer in the offer.


First small part of cGPSmapper package has been made open

sendmap and cpreview from now are ready for your fix. See: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cgpsmapper

Updated toolbox links

Check the most usefull tools to be used together with cGPSmapper!

Reducec pricing

Now the non commercial Personal version and the commercial Routable version are cheaper than before! Sendmap Pro is now available for free!

Version for older processors now available

Installation of cGPSmapper now include 2 separate versions of executables - for older processors and for new processors with at least SSE2 instruction set (Core Duo for example). Important - zip packages includes ONLY version for new processors!

MapRoute Graphical User Interface.

Maproute is a suggested tool for creating routable data from spatial data. Knowing difficulty of usage of this tool I did create a very simple GUI for MapRoute. Due to limited time it is using .NET platform (when will have a little more time - will provide a normal EXE version). Note - there are also news in MapRoute - like use of Navteq-like routing input data.
Please note - this GUI is a beta release - therefore feel free to send your feedback.

Important change in the general update policy.

Since year 1998 when the very first version of program was released to all of you (at that time it was GPSmapper application), whenever new version of the program was published, legitimate owners could always update without any additional fee.
Unfortunately - due to increasing amount of work spent on customer support, and same time, adding new functionality - either by supporting new features or by adding options to process data, I am forced to change this policy.

The next version of cGPSmapper - will no longer be available as a free update for existing users, if the original purchase was done BEFORE 1 August 2007.

From that time, after purchase you will get 1 year period of free update, after that period you will need to purchase an UPDATE registration which will extend update period by 1 year.

It is important to know, that original registration will be required during the process.

Do more with the Shareware and the Free version

Do you want to create rich maps for free? No longer you need to buy anything - from now the Shareware version and the Free version of cGPSmapper are offering full set of objects - including extended types available as marine types (or simply as extended types).. Discover thousands of new types of lines, objects, points, customise all of them with TYP generation file now allowing customisation of extended types too!

Do more with the Personal version

From now the Personal version of cGPSmapper is offering full scope of functionality, including global index creation - of course still for non-commercial use only.. All of that for less than before!

Standard version of cGPSmapper is discontinued

Owners of the Standard version will have possibility to upgrade to the Pro version just for 120 USD. See download page for details.

New pricing

cGPSmapper Pro and cGPSmapper Personal are cheaper than in the past!

Long awaited global indexing is here! Together with a fresh 096 version.

Global indexing (find functionality devices like NUVI..) is available as part of Pro and Routable version of cGPSmapper!

Linux updated!

Finally latest cGPSmapper 093c Linux version (free land) is available as well as the latest sendmap20 4.2 Linux version!

Special offer!

If you have a non-profit organization or whole income is spent for public goods then you can request a special version of the cGPSmapper Routable version with limited price! Just contact with me!

New HOW-TO available thanks to Greg Riker:

Getting Started with Global Mapper 9 and cGPSMapper

Buy cGPSmapper together with Global Mapper software - suggested solution for creating maps!

Creating DEM-like maps using TYP customisation

Thanks to the efforts of Greg Riker there is a great tutorial in the manual section on how to create DEM-like maps using TYP customisation. What is really interesting is the fact that this solution is visible not only in MapSource (as original Garmin DEM maps) but also on your GPS!

Download evaluation versions of cGPSmapper software!

REMEMBER - you are using this software at your own risk - I made a great effort to make it as stable as possible, but I cannot guarantee that maps created using this program won't corrupt your GPS forever

Stanislaw Kozicki